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Image Enhancement and Ecommerce – Made For Each Other..!!

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Image enhancements & ecommerce

Over a period of time, ecommerce platforms have created a stir in the business sphere – In fact, it won’t be a surprise; if in the coming years it will almost capture the physical marketplace! Growth of ecommerce portal has produced a cascade with different roles and industries are stemming! Among these; image editing & retouching services have played a very crucial role (in determining growth of ecommerce sites)!

Image manipulation, has always been seen in a bad light (many people think it alters the reality); anyways, let us not just see the negative sides. As a matter of fact; it has proved to be extremely helpful for marketing professionals; a good image has the potential to break or make a brand! There are numerous positives of image retouching and editing which has helped ecommerce and retail to achieve great heights.

  • People, these days, want everything that is best – No blemishes, no gradients, and no dullness – And online consumers have become quite fussy about it; they scrutinizes the objects keenly. And therefore, ecommerce vendors opt for image editors to give that ‘professional touch’ to the product images and make them attention-grabbing!
  • Of late, there is stiff competition among Ecommerce Portals; since the market has too many players. So, timeliness and precision has become the success mantras in marketing realm. And to achieve this success, technological and human resources have to work in tandem! – A good photographer will capture objects from right angles; but after all, camera is just a machine. The final image may have unwanted gradients, blemishes or due to poor lighting; the photograph might get a little blurred or dark! It is here that human intervention is needed – An image editor will retouch the photo; will remove the blemishes, lessen the gradients and correct the lighting; thus the image become extremely clear, presentable and most importantly, eye-catching, which can be used for marketing purposes.
  • It usually happens that sometimes, the background is not proper – It is the same color as the product, thus it doesn’t leave the desired impact. Image editing services helps in changing this background – They will change it into a contrasting color; hence highlighting the product.
  • Moreover, it removes unwanted background – For an apparel store, you want the models to pose on some beach; but have to photos shot in a studio. No worries; your image editor can send the models on the beach – They can change the plain background and place a sandy beach instead. This will of course save lot of money – How? – No need to take entire crew to an exotic seashore.
  • Also, size of the image plays a very crucial role – Since, the consumers are not able to touch it or feel it; so they have to rely on their visual senses to judge the product. Hence, larger images are more preferred. However, sometimes, you have photos in smaller resolutions and when you try to enlarge them; the pixels get disturbed and eventually photo gets spoiled. With the help of an image editing service provider, you have photos in desired resolutions, without any effect on the pixels.

The images become web-ready or rather say ecommerce site-ready! Image manipulation is not that bad as it is always portrayed; if used wisely and at proper places; they give amazing results and helps you to make your brand stronger and more visible!!

Ritesh Sanghani
About the Author: Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at Hi-Tech BPO for the past 10+ years. Ritesh has worked with several international clients and has executed BPO projects of varying scales and complexities.
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