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Fixed Layout for ePub Conversion is The New In-Thing

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Fixed Layout for ePub Conversion is The New In-Thing

Metamorphosis of publication industry is astounding! Unlike, earlier days, it is no longer restricted to the hard-bound books; with digital revolution taking over rapidly; publication has now become more computer (Smart-device) centric.

There are various eBook platforms that are making their way into the market and in fact winning over most of the readers. With electronic reading becoming a popular trend, many aspiring writers and publishers are taking refuge within the realms of the electronic publication or ePub!

ePub conversion has picked up pace in the last few years; in fact, many writers are now turning towards it.

With changing preferences and tastes; ePub conversion has manifested becoming more specific and result-oriented. Let’s say for example fixed layout ePub conversion is in great demand as it is more personalized and hence provides specific results.

Before, moving any further; let us delve deeper and learn what exactly is it?

As the name suggest fixed-layout is a technique useful to retain the exact look and feel of the source file. This technique is considered best for books for children, books related to Photography or travelogue that contains maps or cookbooks, since they comprises illustrations which are rich in color, an attractive background art, and fancy fonts. For these books, a great emphasis is laid on aesthetics; since they contain more graphics and these graphically value needs to retain to make the book more enticing.

Another category of books are the ones with flowing text; or the ones that adapts itself to the screen size without having the reader having to scroll up or down and left or right. It happens most of the time; that a paragraph cannot be fixed at a certain position in flowing books; and if by chance, one tries to increase the font size, paragraphs move to the next page. However, this is not the case with fixed layout books. The paragraphs are fixed at certain places and thus, the readers can have an unmatched reading experience.

Fixed-layout Advantages:

  • The font size is fixed.
  • Excellent positioning of the text on a background image (this is generally background art which lies behind the text in a PDF file).
  • A complete fine-tuning of the appearance and position of text, so that it is totally in sync with the look and feel of its source file (which is PDF usually).
  • Some books have lot of zig-zag text or something very much similar to that. Fixed layout adjusts word spacing, letter spacing and even add line breaks at right places to make the appearance consistent with that of the source file.

Fixed layout has become the new in-thing; since it adapts to any device and also it retains the graphical value of the book.

Ritesh Sanghani
About the Author: Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at Hi-Tech BPO for the past 10+ years. Ritesh has worked with several international clients and has executed BPO projects of varying scales and complexities.
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