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Company Logo Design – Blunders and Slip-Ups that Impact

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Human tendency of selecting something greater is known, which encourages consumers to have positive associations with the company logo. New logo designs subject companies to praise and criticism alike.

Logo Design Slip Ups

A logo is not just an image with your companies name somewhere! It something to which your audience, clients and visitors related to and a great logo should be eye catching and share what you do.

Company logos are like brand ambassadors that incorporate images that influence people and develop associations. If you contemplate on big brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, or McDonald’s, the one thing that instantaneously comes to your minds is logo.

25% of slip-ups occur with logo designed by amateur company logo designers. Various reasons that make company logos to look amateurish.

Enlisted are some of the goof ups that may have major impact on company logo designs.

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Ritesh Sanghani
About the Author: Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at Hi-Tech BPO for the past 10+ years. Ritesh has worked with several international clients and has executed BPO projects of varying scales and complexities.
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