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4 Amazing Alternate Photo Image Editing Tools you can use instead of Adobe Photoshop

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An image captures all the moments – happy, sad, funny and even tragic! In other words, it freezes memories in a time frame and makes them the most treasured ones. However, it is a herculean task to protect and preserve these memories from the wear and tear of time.

But, not anymore! – With the photo retouching services gaining tremendous success; photographs can now get a complete new avatar. However, there are some who want to dabble with photo editing, restore an old worn out photograph, or just give their photograph a vintage or a retro look. How can they do it easily and hassle free?

Till now, Adobe Photoshop was single-handedly ruling the roost; however, of late this photo image editing tool is being challenged by many other new sophisticated image enhancement software tools, with new upgraded features. Besides, for an amateur who is not that conversant with the ‘complicated’ user interface of Photoshop, dabbling with image enhancement and editing, in Photoshop becomes, a little too complicated and less fun activity.

Here We List Down Some of The Best and Easy to Use Alternatives to Photoshop.

Though, we agree that below stated tools would not do everything that Photoshop does, but they are still quite useful if you are not well conversant in Photoshop or do not want to get into the trouble of buying it at all.

1. Paint.NET

Though, Paint.NET looks like an ordinary and simple tool; it actually comes laden with a batch of amazing features generally found in Photoshop.

It is an open source software; with numerous plugins which enhances its overall functionality. As a matter of fact, this tool even enables you to edit a .psd file. Also, you can re-touch your photos and perform other tasks as well. It is needless to say that, this tool offers an excellent alternative to Adobe Photoshop; especially for an amateur graphic artist or logo designer.


Yet another open source image editing tool that you will surely fall in love with! Compared to Paint. Net; this tool is a little more advanced with certain features; that you will not find in other free editing tools. Though, a little heavier; GIMP is quite useful to create some elegant and smart logos due to the amazing functionalities and features.

3. Pixlr Editor

Initially developed for the iPhone as an application; this amazing tool has captured many hearts. With a web –based version, this tool is playing an instrumental role giving the images and photos a professional touch.This free app loaded with some superb features makes re-touching task easier and effective.

4. PhotoFiltre

Another option that you can always prefer instead of Photoshop is PhotoFiltre. This allows you to edit the photos with ease as well as add filters to give them an enhanced look; you can easily do this, even if you are not well-versed with the concept of image editing.

All in all, though Photoshop will remain the king; there are a multitude of tools which can provide you brilliant alternatives and equally amazing outputs.

However, for professional level photo editing, enhancement and restoration, you need expert help. Professional photo editors not only help you restore old photographs but also help enhance images to look attractive for online sale, help you edit images for preparing promotional posters and banners, remove redeye, blemishes, shadows etc for fashion photography and advertisements, balance brightness and color contrast, image masking, damage repair, background removal etc, to name a few.

Ritesh Sanghani
About the Author: Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at Hi-Tech BPO for the past 10+ years. Ritesh has worked with several international clients and has executed BPO projects of varying scales and complexities.
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