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3 Risky Things that You Should Not Integrate in Your Brochure Design

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Brochure Design Mistakes to Avoid

A brochure is small piece of printed paper, usually created to explain your organization purpose and services, answer to frequently asked questions about your organizations, share specific information, educate your audience on how to find out more about your organization, or to educate people about specific event or program. And you wanted it to make sure that it gives the right impression.

Brochure design is an integration of elements that need to be effectively utilized. Time needs to be devoted for crafting a persuasive headline. You also need supporting material that adds up to your headline with a clear-cut call to action. But in this age of innovation; we are still seeing certain online brochure designs which include elements that are risky, as they distract the message and look highly unprofessional, yet are used in brochures.

Mistakes within the overall brochure design may cause serious damage to your marketing/promotional campaign. So before you invest your time, efforts and money on creating new brochure make sure to avoid these mistakes.

1. Pointless Practice of Utilizing Exclamation Marks!!!!!

There is a temptation to use exclamation marks as an effort to make the message appear exhilarating!! Always avoid doing this. Exclamation marks are just like images of cheese gimmicks and over-hyped messages. Instead it always pays to use a crafty message with words that attract your potential customers. If you need to utilize exclamation marks it is ok to use it once.

2. Overdoing Bold, Italics and Underlining in Brochure Design:

It usually is of great help to bold, italicize and underline some of your text to highlight the importance and catch the attention of your target audience. But if you overdo it, for example; using different font style for each and every word it makes the sentence look cumbersome. The important thing to note in brochure design services is to ensure that the right words are used to attract the attention of the target audience rather than using other tactics like bold, italicizing and underlying the text.

3. Utilizing Images that are Already Saved on your Computer:

Everybody knows that the easiest way to save an image from the web to your PC is by right clicking on the image and saving it on your computer. But the important thing to note is the fact that the images that are saved on your desktop are not proper in terms of web resolution. The resolution for web images is 72dpi (dpi=dots per inch) which is far below the 300dpi needed to produce a quality image for print. So even if you have saved the image, chances are; that it is far below the 300 dpi needed to produce quality image to print. Moreover since you are utilizing someone else’s image, it may entail a legal infringement.

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